MoodyComedy: An Update

While the Edinburgh Festival buzz is dying down and the comedy world nestles back into some form of normality, it feels as though this is the perfect time for a catch up. I thought I owed you all some form of update as to what’s been happening behind the scenes with MoodyComedy over the past few months, and what my plan for the next season is.

So, readers will have noticed that MoodyComedy had an Edinburgh interview series running throughout July and August. Over 60 comics performing at this year’s Fringe shed light on their past festival experiences and shared their hopes for the development and performance of their new shows. The series proved to be both funny and enlightening, and it was a pleasure to host so many fantastic names in comedy, both nationally and internationally, on the site.

Fest 2017

I’ve also been branching out to other publications, having had an article published in the Preview 2017 edition of Fest and being appointed Features Editor of Cardiff University’s Quench Magazine (with the first issue of the new academic year being published in October 2017).

But as a university student with a job, various creative endeavours and very high expectations of myself, it’s quite easy to get worn down by it all. In light of this, and because I’m soon to be returning to Cardiff to study, MoodyComedy isn’t going to be quite as busy as it has been over the past couple of months.

My aim is to post at least once a fortnight, perhaps more if creativity strikes, and perhaps less if philosophy essay deadlines loom, but MoodyComedy will still be plodding along, singing the praises of British comedy’s television, stand up and podcasting highlights. And, as always, the focus will be on comedy that interests or inspires me personally, and so I will make efforts to maintain MoodyComedy’s Comedian of the Month feature as this is a way of finding new talent and giving it a boost of some sort. I’ll also continue doing interviews (remember Seven Questions With?!) as and when the opportunity arises.

So, if you’ve stuck with me so far, it’s definitely worth hanging around to see where the ever-changing comedy landscape takes MoodyComedy in the coming months. I might be quieter than usual, but I will always have a passion for comedy and so will never disappear for long.

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Thank you for your never-ending support,

Becca x